The COBREIZH 2019 co-presidents

Présidents FNSPF et co-présidents CoBreizh
The Morbihan is very proud to host, for the first time, the National Firefighters Congress, in september 2019.

On November 16, 2017, the Board of Directors of the national Federation of Fire Brigades of France validated the application jointly sponsored by the Morbihan Departmental Fire and Rescue Service and the Morbihan Departemental Union of Firefighters.

The CoBreizh2019 is co-chaired by the Major Patrice Le Port, President of the Morbihan Departemental Union of Firefighters, Gilles Dufeigneux, Board of Directors Chairman and the General Controller Cyrille Berrod, Morbihan Departmental Fire and Rescue Service Director

Gilles Dufeigneux

Gilles Dufeigneux, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Hosting the 126th National Congress in Vannes is an honour for us and all the inhabitants of the Morbihan region share in our pride.

It gives us the opportunity to share the highlights and experience of this outward-looking and welcoming region gained, amongst others, through tourism, its network of food-processing companies and its maritime industry.

It is also an opportunity for you to discover the Morbihan region and the richness of this maritime, rural and urban environment through its historical buildings, its enchanting forests and its coastline.

For all these reasons, we are inviting you to visit the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan from 18th to 21st september, 2019.

Cyrille Berrod

General Controller Cyrille Berrod, Director of Departmental Fire Services

Are the firefighters of Morbihan on manoeuvres to host a national event ? Of course they are ! The 3 000 men and women of the departmental firefighting corps are manning their posts ready to set sail for the Port of Vannes, the venue of the 2019 Firefighters National Congress.

On the way, there will be many headlands to navigate, sometimes under "light winds" but, fortunately, the crew is a seasoned one, used to long voyages.

This is the challenge that we are going to meet in 2019 with all the advantages that Brittany, a land of strong traditions and deep history, has to offer.

In this book, you will find photographs illustrating the firefighters' skills and resources against the backrdop of some Morbihan's strongholds which make it an out-standing region.

Ken emberr ! See you soon !

Patrice Le Port

Captain Patrice Le Port, Departmental Union President

Organising a National Congress is a rare opportunity to bring together all the firefighters from one region to organise a proper welcome for our colleagues from the rest of France.

Local partnerships that the firefighters have been able to put in place via COBREIZH and with the help of the administrative and technical staff of the Departmental Union, will be enable congress attendees and visitors to discover a rich and diverse territory, as well as the technical skills specific to the Morbihan firefighters.

The voluntary sector encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences and helps the firefighters to strengthen their connection with the territory they serve.

This is the goal of COBREIZH for 2019.